About me


I named my business “Heart for food” because I love what I eat and make for my family, and that’s the approach I teach people – heartfelt health based eating and living.

I am Ukrainian, and in my culture food has a huge place. Every time we meet with friends or family, we eat. Those who grew up close to Ukrainian community in Canada tell me about 3-day long weddings and amazing food that kept coming and coming.

I learned very early that food can kill or heal. When I was in high school, my mother got very ill. She couldn’t work and I remember being very lost – I didn’t know if she would ever get better. There was no official remedy for her condition, so she healed herself back to health by cleansing, fasting, and natural (what I know now as alkalizing) foods.

Being an amazing cook and a restaurant owner, my mom taught us what it meant to eat a great variety of yummy foods. And even after that, I still loved my sugar – comforting myself with sugary foods was the best I could do. I missed the little signs my body was giving me, and ended up with an autoimmune condition that meant I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life.

That’s when I got really scared and started looking at my options, cleaning up my diet and lifestyle. I’ve swallowed small library of books on health applying the concepts that I learned on the way. I took courses. I listened to the experts. I remember feeling very confused and desperate – all of a sudden a grocery store became a dangerous place – different health experts saying polar opposite things! How was I to properly feed my family of six now?

I switched to healthy alternatives of my favourite foods, but my baby weight would not budge. So it came to trying more or saying goodbye to that fit and energetic image of myself I still had only in my head…

By now I’ve tried polar opposite systems of eating and found my own path that runs somewhere in the middle. Because we are all unique. Because I believe that road to health runs through careful listening to your body, and not through deprivation and calorie counting. A little sacrifice might be required, but isn’t it always the case when we really want something?

And since I am a very busy mother of four, I had to find ways to be fast and efficient. I’ve created my own simple system, and I don’t dread “what’s for dinner” question anymore.

I am still learning and evolving, and I know this journey never stops.

Now I am very inspired to help busy professional mothers like myself to create their own version of health based eating and living.