Client’s Stories


Viktoriya has an innate ability to see past the excuses I was making. She helped me get to the core root cause of issues. She was tireless in her search to find a method that really worked for me and was sustainable.



Viktoriya’s gentle lifestyle tweaks have helped me to make lasting, healthy changes that I know I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Her fantastic knowledge of healthy living, whether it’s food, activity or even mindset, gives her a great advantage and she was able to work up a unique and easy plan for me. My lifestyle (and life) has really improved thanks to her efforts.



I have worked with Viktoriya during several months. All our sessions were informative and, most importantly, yielded results. I appreciated Viktoriya’s punctuality, her ability to listen and follow my train of thought. Viktoriya is a great coach and a wonderful person. She is trustworthy, responsible, sharp, calm and resourceful. A combination of her analytical mindset and coaching strategies produces great results. It is also very important for me that Viktoriya walks her talk and applies the principles she is guided by, and her own life is a great example that to make it you need to take action! Thank you, Viktoriya!